Holmark offer a range of professional services:

Construction Management
Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy

Construction Management

Holmark draw on the considerable expertise of Boldfort’s two Construction Directors who have been delivering high quality residential projects since 1985.

Their residential experience ranges from seasonal redecoration projects to major alteration and refurbishment projects in excess of £10m project value.

Construction Management services are tailored to each project and include;

Liaison with client and design team to gain a full appreciation of the project.

Collaborative input to consider within design and client requirements to optimise time and cost.

Advice regarding alternative construction methods used within similar projects to achieve design intent.

Obtaining constructive input from specialists; including mechanical and electrical services.

Identifying and scheduling site investigations and surveys (by others).

Bringing supply and sub contract packages to order stage to ensure timely progress, including negotiating terms.

Advising on any required statutory permissions or conditions (by others).

Quantity Surveying and Cost Consultancy

Our QS services are backed by the ultimate in accountability; all finalised cost plans or schedules can be taken as bona fide offers for Boldfort to carry out the Works.

QS services are tailored to each project and include;

Production of a detailed written schedule of works in trade packages format indicated with quantities where appropriate; including an early Cost Plan based upon concept design.

Pricing of the schedule as a formal offer for Boldfort to carry out the works.

Reviewing and incorporating all statutory requirements or conditions (provided by others).

Analysing supplier and sub contractor proposals – and terms – to establish the best market rates and conditions available.

Making full use of Boldfort supply chain built over 35-years success in the Central London residential market.

Establishing trade discounts achievable by Boldfort including for any quotations obtained by others.

Advising on any further information required to develop pricing.

Providing value engineering input based on experience and recent projects.


Careful planning of project duration is often overlooked in our experience.

Again drawing on our considerable knowledge we apply the same level of forensic analysis to time as we do to elemental costs.

Typical programming services include;

Production of high-level programme of works based upon concept stage information.

Developing a detailed Gantt chart programme as design information is released and updating the team periodically.

Producing a critical path and milestone information programme for the works upon tender level information release that would be adopted by Boldfort Ltd.

Coordinating input from specialist sub contractors as required.


Over the years we have gained significant experience in the treatment of residential refurbishment projects for VAT. We can assess the VAT position of a project to see if it can be zero-rated or reduced-rated for VAT. We also conduct the blended rate VAT calculation where applicable.

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